Webinar Promotion Details

Spot AI’s Video Intelligence platform makes accessing and using video footage seamless for your entire team. With 10-minute install, a cloud dashboard, and state-of-the art AI features, it’s easy to see why Spot AI is consistently at the top of G2’s high performer charts.

Eligible participants will receive a free pair of AirPods, Generation 2, Gift Card, or other promotional item. when they attend a live webinar in its entirety. (Limit one (1) promotional item per individual and limit one (1) promotional item per company or organization). If you or someone from your company or organization attended a webinar in the past and / or received any gift from Spot AI, you may not be eligible for this promotion.


To be eligible for the promotion, participants must:

- Not be a current customer of Spot AI
- Not be part of an organization where someone has attended a webinar with Spot AI in the past
- Not be currently in trial with the Spot AI system

- Register and provide a legitimate business email address, phone number, and company name

- Company headquarters and shipping address must be located within the United States

- Provide verifiable information as a professional employee with a job title related to evaluating and purchasing video security software in operations, management, IT, safety, security
- Not be a current student or intern

- Provide legitimate company URL, company shipping address, and company email address

- Not be a partner, value added reseller (VAR) or security system installer

- Not be a government official or public employee

You may need to speak with a Spot AI team member by phone to confirm eligibility requirements. Individuals who register with Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or any other email domain not registered with an organization may not be eligible for this offer. Spot AI reserves the right to deny any individual who does not meet the eligibility requirements listed or otherwise.

If you have any questions regarding this promotional offer, please contact us at growth@spotai.co.

Spot AI builds a modern AI camera system to create safer workplaces and smarter operations for every organization.

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